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Discover the Best Washing Machine Price in Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

washing machine price in Dubai

Looking for the best washing machine price in Dubai? We offer top-quality machines at budget-friendly prices. You could choose a small model for your apartment or a larger one for a busy household. We all have what you need. Our collection includes the latest models from top brands, ensuring efficiency and durability. Say goodbye to laundry stress! Visit our shop DHUHA MART for the Best washing machine in UAE.

Washing Machine Sizes: How to Choose

Selecting the right washing machine size is easier. Here’s a quick guide:

Washing Machine Size

Suitable for Family Size

Washing Capacity


Single or couple

5-6 kg


Small to medium family

7-8 kg


Large family or heavy-use

9 kg and above

Assess Your Laundry Load – If you’re single or a couple, use a compact machine with 5-6 kg capacity. For families or frequent washes, choose larger sizes (7 kg and above).

Measures Your Space – Make sure you have enough room for the machine. Also, leave extra space for ventilation and hoses. Remember to account for door opening and unloading space.

Consider Your Needs – Top-loaders save space. Front-loaders offer more capacity and efficiency. Consider your lifestyle and laundry habits to choose the best one for you.

Future-proof Your Choice – Consider changes in your household size or laundry needs in the coming years.

In short, know your laundry habits. Measure your space. Consider future needs to find the right washing machine size. Find the best washing machine price in Dubai at DHUHA-MART.

Types of Washing Machines

Washers come in Semi-automatic and Automatic models. There are mainly two types: Top-load and Front-load washers. Choose based on your space and design preferences.

1. Automatic Washing Machines

These are the easy-to-use types. No need to put in manual effort. Just put in your laundry, choose a setting and watch it work magic.

Top Load Washing Machine 

This buddy opens from the top. It’s easy to use. No bending is needed to load your clothes. A top-load washing machine is ideal for those who prefer efficiency and simplicity. 

top load washing machine


  • Easy to use without bending over.
  • Generally more affordable.
  • Faster wash cycles.


  • Can be rougher on clothes due to the agitator.
  • Less energy and water efficient compared to front loaders.
  • Requires more space for side-by-side setup.

Front Load Washing Machine

It starts at the front, showing off by saving water and energy. This is for you if you enjoy maximizing each load and reducing utility costs.


  • Better cleaning with less water and energy.
  • Gentle on clothes.
  • Stackable to save space.


  • Higher initial cost.
  • Requires bending to load and unload.
  • Longer wash cycles.

2. Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

These are like manual operations. You’ll need to move clothes between wash and rinse tubs. You can wash and dry clothes separately. It’s ideal for those who want automated convenience with a personal touch.


  • More affordable upfront.
  • Allows for adding or removing clothes during the wash cycle.
  • Uses less water and can manually control water intake.


  • Requires more manual intervention (moving clothes between tubs).
  • Occupies more space due to the dual tub design.
  • Less convenient than fully automatic machines.

Each type has its charm. Consider what’s essential for you: ease, efficiency or budget. Select the Best washing machine in UAE that is perfect for your home.

Differences between the Front-Load and Top Load Washing Machine Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

You have two options: front load or top load. Each type has its pros and cons. Understanding them helps you make a smart decision.

different between Top load vs Front load washing machine

Design and Space

Front Load machines have a front door for easy loading. They’re great for stacking dryers in small spaces.

Top Load machines have a convenient top lid. Perfect if you’re trying to avoid bending. They are a great fit for classic laundry spaces.

Efficiency and Water Usage

Front load washers are efficient, saving water and energy. They use less water, tumbling clothes gently. The Top load uses more water for washing and rinsing. 

Cleaning Performance

Front loaders clean clothes effectively, gently removing dirt and enhancing cleaning. Top loaders have improved, yet front loaders offer a gentler wash.

Spin Speed

Front Load machines spin faster, removing water quickly. This can cause wrinkles in some fabrics. Top loaders spin slower, so clothes dry longer but wrinkle less.

Cost and Maintenances

Front Load machines cost more at the start and require maintenance. It’s crucial to clean the door seal frequently to avoid mold. Top load washers are affordable and low maintenance, though they cost more in the long run.


Both types last long. Front loaders are durable, using water and energy efficiently. Yet, durability varies by model and brand.

When picking a washing machine, think about what matters to you. Front loaders are efficient; top loaders are user-friendly and cheaper. Consider your needs and decide on the best washing machine price in Dubai.

washing machine maintenance tips

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

  • Avoid overloading the machine to prevent motor strain.
  • Ensure the machine is 100% level to avoid movement and damage.
  • Keep a 4-inch clearance from the wall to reduce hose stress.
  • Use high-quality detergents to minimize residue and wear.
  • Regularly clean the lint filter for optimal performance.
  • Clean the drum monthly and wipe the exterior weekly.
  • Leave the door slightly open after each cycle to allow drying.
  • Remove clothes promptly to prevent mold; use a timer if needed.

Following the above guidelines, your washing machine will last a long time. Yet, if you face any error, you can repair it. To get your washing machine repair in Dubai, first check the warranty. Don’t worry if it’s not covered, find trusted repair services or contact us.

How to use washing machine to wash cloths

How to use Washing Machine

For cleaning a washing machine, first sort the laundry by color. Then, by fabric type. Load clothes into the machine without overfilling for cleaning. Add detergent to the designated compartment. Choose the wash cycle and water temperature accordingly. Close the door, start machine, and wait. When the cycle ends, immediately remove clothes. Hang to dry or transfer to the dryer as needed. Follow instructions for best results.

Common Error to Avoid Using a Washing Machine

  • Ignoring fabric care labels, risking damage to delicate items.
  • Leaving zippers open, which can snag other fabrics.
  • Mixing colors and whites, risking color bleeding.
  • Forgetting empty pockets, risking damage from items like coins.
  • Using too much fabric softener.
  • Leaving wet laundry in the machine, promoting mold growth.

Buy a Washing Machine in Dubai at the Best Price

DHUHA MART makes online washer shopping easy. Check out models from your home. We offer affordable Washing Machine Price in Dubai and the UAE. Find your ideal machine and buy without breaking the bank.

FAQs about Washing Machine

Which is better: the front-loading and top-loading washing machines?

Front-loading and top-loading machines meet various laundry needs. Consider space limits when deciding. In small spaces, opt for a front load washer.

Can I wash a blanket in a 7kg washing machine?

The 7kg washing machine handles blankets of different sizes. It fits 1-2 single, 1 double or 1 queen-sized bed-sized blanket. It’s convenient and effective for various bedding sizes.

Can I stop the washing machine in the middle of washing?

Experts are not encouraged to do. The drum spins faster, looking almost impossible. Simply hit start/stop on automatic washers. For semi-automatics, reset the wash timer to zero.

Can laundry bleach harm the fabric?

Bleaching clothes is an easy way to clean them. But, too much bleach can harm the fabric’s nature. It dissolves stains into water-soluble particles.

How often should I clean my washing machine?

It would be best if you deep clean your washing machine every month. This will keep it running well and smelling fresh.

Can I wash all types of fabric in the washing machine?

Not all fabrics are machine washable. Look at the care label for guidance. For delicate fabrics use a gentle cycle.

What’s the right amount of detergent to use?

The perfect amount varies with load size and detergent strength. Follow label instructions to prevent residue buildup or machine damage.

Why is my washing machine shaking during spin cycles?

When the load is off, stop the cycle. Even out clothes and begin again. Ensure the machine sits flat on the floor.

How do I stop the washing machine from smelling?

Leave the door open after cycles. Use a washing machine cleaner to prevent odors.

Why won’t my washing machine start?

Make sure it’s plugged in and the door is closed. Check the circuit breaker. If all are fine, the problem might be the machine. You might need a professional’s help.

How can I prevent colors from bleeding?

To wash colored clothes, use cold water and color catcher sheets. Separate darks from lights. Check the care label for instructions.

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