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Home Home Appliance Iron Rowenta SteamForce Steam Iron for Clothes DW9440

Rowenta SteamForce Steam Iron for Clothes DW9440


Rowenta Steam Force Steam Iron for Clothes DW9440: Your Ultimate Ironing Companion

Introducing the Rowenta Steam Iron for clothes DW9440, a powerful and versatile steamer for all fabrics. It has a stainless-steel soleplate with 400 microsteam holes, 1800 watts of power, and a portable design. The Rowenta Steam Force Iron is versatile enough to iron any fabric, from cotton and wool to silk, linen, and nylon. This high-performance steam iron is engineered to deliver exceptional results with every use.

Powerful Steam Iron for Clothes

Unleash the unparalleled power of the Rowenta Steam Iron for Clothes DW9440. Engineered for peak performance, this high-tech appliance combines a robust 1800W power with an exceptional soleplate to deliver flawless results every time. Dive into the details that make this steam iron a powerhouse in garment care.

Engineered Excellence

Discover the synergy of cutting-edge technology and meticulous design. With 1800W of power, this steam iron effortlessly glides through fabrics, making wrinkles vanish with each pass. The precision-engineered soleplate ensures a seamless ironing experience, providing the ideal foundation for a well-pressed wardrobe.

Precision at Every Point: The Microsteam Soleplate

Embark on a journey of unparalleled steam distribution with the Microsteam Soleplate. Witness the magic unfold as 400 active holes work harmoniously to deliver the best steam distribution on the market, ensuring every inch of fabric receives the care it deserves.

Continuous Steam Delight

Experience a continuous stream of 35 g/min, effortlessly smoothing out wrinkles and creases. But that's not all – tackle stubborn fabrics and deep creases with the extra-powerful 210 g/min steam boost. From delicate silks to sturdy types of denim, achieve perfection with this steam iron's versatile steam options.

Seamless Clothing Maintenance: A New Level of Ease

Revel in the convenience of non-stop ironing sessions with the Rowenta Steam Force DW9440. From the extra-large water tank to quality and durability features, discover why this steam iron is the epitome of efficient and enjoyable garment care.

Extra-Large Water Tank

Enjoy extended ironing sessions with the extra-large 11.8-oz water tank. Say goodbye to frequent refills and hello to uninterrupted garment care. Experience efficiency like never before.

Anti-Drip Assurance

Worry less about water stains on your favorite garments. The anti-drip protection ensures a seamless ironing experience, even at low temperatures. Enjoy the freedom to iron without the fear of unintended water spots.

Quality and Durability Unleashed

Invest in longevity with features like the laser-finished, highly scratch-resistant soleplate. The built-in anti-calc system ensures lasting performance, making this steam iron a reliable companion for years to come.

Make garment care easier and more efficient with the Rowenta Steam Force Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron. Enjoy outstanding results, even steam flow, and worry-free ironing with this device.

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