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CHI Steam Iron for Clothes with Lava-Infused Ceramic Soleplate


CHI Steam Iron for Clothes: Redefining Fabric Care with Lava Ceramic Soleplate

Presenting the Best Steam Iron for Clothes—a fusion of ceramic soleplates for great performance. Revel in extreme durability, excellent heat conduction, and an extra-smooth glide.

Comfortable Ironing: Enjoy a comfortable steam ironing experience with the textured comfort grip handle. With over 300 steam holes and 1700 watts, the CHI Lava Iron delivers superior steam performance, making ironing an effortless task.

Precision at Your Fingertips: Make ironing a breeze by using the well-built temperature control dial. Just choose your fabric type, and let the iron automatically set the perfect temperature for you. Removing guesswork and ensuring precise temperature settings for optimal performance.

 Extra-Long 10-Foot Cord: Embrace flexibility with the extra-long 10-foot cord. Easily reach outlets in any room, ensuring convenience and efficiency in every use.

Automatic Shut-Off Feature: Iron with ease using the CHI Lava Iron, thanks to its Automatic Shut-Off. It switches off within 60 seconds of tipping over and in 30 minutes if left alone on its heel. Prioritizing safety will give you peace of mind.

CHI Lava Iron goes beyond the ordinary, delivering comfort, precision, and flexibility. Step into a new era of ironing where the power of volcanic lava transforms your experience.

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